A beer keg is common at parties and picnics, especially with friends and family. Keg is a cost-effective option for people who are thirsty and so need to drink a lot. A keg tap is a simple device which is used to dispense beer from the keg into your drinking cup. Although it is not a difficult thing to do, care should be taken to avoid wastage of beer.  Besides, if wrongly handles, foam might splash all around and sometimes even on your face. 

The main purpose of the keg tap is to regulate the release of beer.  It uses a level which is pulled and pressed to release beer. Keg tap works by releasing the pressure which consequently pushes the beer up and into the glass. It is a switch which could be either an on/off or open/close switch. 

To connect the tap to the beer keg, the beer keg at should be placed steadily in front of you for a while. This is supposed to minimize the foam created when pouring. Then remove the seal of the beer. Then connect the tap and line with the hole at the top of the keg. On connecting, there is a ball bearing which is the stopper and the slits which hold the tap in place. Before proceeding, you should push the ball bearing downwards. This will enable the beer to flow. Then slide the tap in a clockwise direction with a downward pressure. The downward pressure prevents pressure from building within the keg as this would push the tap out of the way. This pressure should be maintained as you spin the tap into its place. When the tap is turned, it is locked. Then, a couple of cups of beer should be poured immediately to discard the foam. 

A portable keg beer tap differs with the traditional keg tap since it can be tapped with CO2. A single unit pumps and taps combination known as party pump provides pressure for kegs. To release the pressure, the pump should be attached, and the facet should be opened. For more facts about beer kegs, visit this website at 

A portable beer keg tap should be consumed within a day since the beer loses flavor when mixed with air. On the other hand, traditional taps use an on and off valve. This service uses gravity, and hence no air is needed. This involves turning the tap to open and close the tap to fetv]ch beer.


Keg taps are a convenient and easy to use tool which is very essential, go here for more info!